Heavy Vehicle Licence: Conditions that Your Driving Test Vehicle Must Meet to Obtain It

You must meet several conditions if you are to undergo a driving test in order to be awarded a heavy vehicle licence. This article discusses some of those conditions pertinent to the test vehicle. Use this information to decide whether the test vehicle you want to use will be the right one.

Registration Status

You are expected to use a duly registered vehicle during your heavy vehicle driver test. That test vehicle should be roadworthy.  Many conditions must be met for a vehicle's registration to be renewed so confirm (running an online check, for example) that the test vehicle you intend to use has a valid registration status for that period.

The Class of the Vehicle

Vehicle licences are issued to certify people to drive heavy vehicles without endangering other road users. You should therefore pick a test vehicle that is in the appropriate class of vehicle. For instance, the test vehicle should have two axles if you would like to obtain a Medium Rigid (MR) licence. Consult the licensing authority if you are not sure whether your test vehicle meets this requirement.

The Load Status

You may also be expected to undergo the driving test when the test vehicle is loaded. Different jurisdictions may apply this condition differently. For instance, they may waive it if the test vehicle is a passenger vehicle. This waiver may be premised on the need to avoid putting dozens of passengers in harm's way during the test. Find out the specific load condition for the vehicle you want to use and prepare accordingly.

The Type of Gearbox

It is also common for heavy vehicle licences to be issued with conditions based on the kind of gearbox that the test vehicle had. For instance, your licence may restrict you to driving only heavy vehicles with an automatic transmission gearbox if the test vehicle was of this type. This precaution is geared at preventing you from driving a heavy vehicle with a type of gearbox that you are not familiar with. Get a test vehicle that has the type of gearbox similar to that of the heavy vehicle you wish to drive once your licence is granted.

It is important that you obtain the most recent conditions that are applicable in your area so that you prepare thoroughly for this important test in your driving career. The test may not go well if you are not well prepared, so don't be casual about your preparation. For more information, contact companies like All Onsite Training and Assessment.