3 Heavy Construction Equipment and Tools Crucial to Residential Demolition

The common perception people have regarding demolition that it is only destructive. But this is not the only purpose of demolition. Demolition is performed so that there is room to create an entirely new structure. Thus, it needs to be done correctly if the new creation is to have a stable and level ground to be erected on. Hence, many steps go into demolition including lot clearing, excavating of the site, levelling and so on. And with each stage, there is specialised heavy construction equipment that will be required to perform the job correctly.

When deliberating on which heavy construction equipment and tools you need, consider the following that are crucial to residential demolition.

A bulldozer

While the words bulldozer and tractor are sometimes used interchangeably, they are not the same thing. The bulldozer in itself is the metal plate mounted at the front of a tractor. This metal plate is what is tasked with the pushing of massive volumes of rubble, soil, sand and any other materials that need to be displaced from the site. A bulldozer is also highly adept at loosening compacted soil that is difficult to move. The bulldozer also functions to clear any shrubbery, tree stumps and other items that may be on the lot that is undergoing demolition. When selecting a bulldozer, you have the option of choosing between the track-based varieties and their wheel-based counterparts.

A backhoe

Also commonly referred to as a digger, a backhoe has the primary function of excavating the demolition site. Backhoes are primarily outfitted with a bucket that is attached to the backhoe's articulated arm. This articulated arm has a short reach, but it is highly flexible. Furthermore, the power of the arm means you can extract substantial amounts of rubble during the demolition process. While backhoes are usually associated with excavation, they can perform an array of duties at a demolition site. Some of the other ways that you can employ a backhoe include the knocking down of a structure as well as the lifting of heavy loads on the site.

Heavy construction equipment attachments

You can choose to buy or hire a multitude of heavy construction equipment, but these machines are only as functional as the accessories they work with. Moreover, you will find that some equipment can work in tandem with an assortment of attachments, which means you should focus on the right accessories just as you will select your equipment carefully. Some of the heavy construction equipment attachments that are essential for any residential demolition project include grapples, pulverisers and shears.