How to Keep Your Diamond Drill Rod Cool

Lubrication helps to prolong the useful life of a diamond drill bit by reducing wear induced by excessive heat as drilling is taking place. This article discusses different methods you can use to keep the drill rod cool as you use it. Use this information to avoid wearing out your diamond drill rod much sooner than designed by its manufacturer.

Use a Hose

You can get a small water hose and put it on the edge of the hole when you are drilling. That hose will keep water flowing into the hole and that water will help to keep the drill rod cool. Better cooling can be achieved if you "pump" the drill periodically. Pumping refers to lifting the drill rod a few inches so that water from the hose can reach the tip of the diamond drill rod.

Create a Clay Dam

You can also build a "dam" around the drill hole using clay. You will then pour water into the space cordoned off by the "dam" so that it does not flow away when you are still drilling. This water will keep flowing downwards into the drill hole and when you "pump" the drill rod then the water will reach the tip. The diamond drill rod will remain cool throughout the drilling process.

Pan Drill

Pan drilling can also work if the material you are drilling into is portable such as when you are drilling a hole into a septic tank cover. You can lift that material and place it inside a pan containing water. You may need to protect the pan from being damaged by the diamond drill rod by placing a plywood or plastic board underneath the material you want to drill. The water inside the pan will circulate around the drill rod and keep it cool until you finish drilling.

Use a Spray Bottle

The methods above my not be applicable if you are drilling on a vertical surface. In that case, you should ask someone to help you squirt water into the drill hole regularly (for instance once every five minutes, or when the hole dries out). The water squirted will trap the dust generated by the drilling activity in addition to keeping the diamond drill rod cool.

Keeping your diamond drill rod cool is only one way to prolong its useful life. For more information or assistance, you can always contact local companies like Afkos Industries.