Important Questions to Ask When Arranging Transport Services for a Crane or Oversized Load

When moving a crane or other heavy-duty equipment, or hauling a home or similar oversized load, it's good to hire a company that specializes in this type of transport service. This will ensure they have the vehicles and rigging needed and are experienced with how to keep your load safe. Even when hiring an experienced transport service company, you still want to ensure you ask the right questions and know what's involved in their hire. Note a few important questions you might review with a transport company like Williams Crane Hire.

1. Is a pilot car necessary and will you provide this?

A pilot car is a car in front of the load and this is often required for oversized loads or heavy equipment. The pilot car can ensure the road is clear ahead of the heavy transport and also provide added protection for the driver of the transport; they can more easily see the pilot car stopping in front of them before they can see traffic down the road. A pilot car also makes it easier for the transport driver to pay attention to their own load rather than having to pay attention to directions, their GPS and so on.

Ask your transport company if a pilot car is needed for your transport and if so, will they provide it. You may even request this service in order to add to the security of the transport overall.

2. What is your cargo insurance?

Ensure a transport company has proper cargo insurance for your load; this is what reimburses you if there is damage or loss during transport. Note that you may need to work with your mortgage provider or any company that has a lien on your equipment or the load itself in order to determine the right amount of cargo insurance. A home being hauled is not valued just by its size and weight, the way a delivery company may figure charges for the deliver itself. The cargo insurance should cover the value of the transport, not the cost of transporting it.

3. How much lead time is required for scheduling the transport?

Transporting a crane or oversized load is not like delivering packages; this requires special trucks and rigging equipment and a specially-trained driver. In turn, a transport company's schedule may fill up quickly for these types of delivery, as they may only have a limited number of these trucks and drivers on hand. Be sure you ask about the necessary lead time and be prepared to rework your own construction schedule around this.