Equipment You Need to Hire When Laying Clean Fill in Your Construction Site

Some of the activities that take place in your construction site involve a lot of excavation. You need to carry it out when digging the foundation, building underground water reservoirs, and septic tanks. After the excavation and construction have taken place, it is common to find pits resulting from imperfect filling of the places where the excavation occurred. In addition, soil erosion caused by rain and the wind also enlarges the pits. These pits can cause accidents as you finish off the construction, pose a health hazard when water stagnates in them and ruin the outlook of the space around a building. Therefore, it is important to have them filled well. Clean fill is a good material for such work. Here are the machines you will have to hire when laying clean fill after excavation: 

A Backhoe Loader

A backhoe loader resembles a tractor, fitted with a shovel on the front side and a backhoe at the back. The shovel is used to scoop heaps of materials such as soil form the ground and move them to other locations. In some cases, the backhoe loader has a retractable shovel, which makes it easy to remove the load especially when the emptying point is slightly further away from the shovel carrying the load.

The backhoe at the rear end of the machine is used to dig and scratch the soil surface. If the site needs a little levelling before the clean fill is laid on the ground, then this is the right machine for you.

A Road Roller

A road roller is used to compact loose materials in areas where the surface has to be firm. The equipment comprises a fuel-powered vehicle compartment with a large, heavy, metallic cylinder fitted at the front. The heavy cylinder rolls over the surface of the loose materials, forcing them to be compact because of the pressure caused by the weight of the cylinder and the vehicle as well. After the clean fill has been laid in the pits at the construction site, you will need a road roller for you to compact the material used to fill the pits. This is important when preparing the filled areas to serve as parking areas and driveways.

Power Shovels

After the clean fill has been delivered to the site, you will need equipment to help you move it from the truck to the point where it will be stored or laid. Essentially, labourers using hand shovels will take long to remove the material from the truck, which is why you should opt for power shovels. They are fitted to an engine powered vehicle, and they can scoop more clean fill from the truck to the ground than the handy shovels.