The 5 Factors That Determine Safety For Your Heavy Haulage Cargo

When it comes to heavy haulage transport, a lot lies at stake. As the client, you want guarantees that your goods will get delivered to you in one piece. This could be mining equipment, heavy construction equipment, plant materials, agricultural equipment, etc. In that regard, this article will help you understand the different factors that will make your heavy goods safe during transit.

Route planning

Before heavy goods can be hauled across the country, a lot of planning is usually carried out. Part of this planning goes into determining what route the haulage train will use. This step is critical during heavy haulage. The route chosen for the job will greatly impact the safety of the trucks and the goods on them. Ideally, the route that allows the trucks to navigate smoothly with fewer complications should be chosen.

Pilot cars

Pilot cars also play a crucial role in heavy haulage. Usually, there's one pilot car at the front and one at the back. These cars help to regulate the speed of the trucks, to determine safe crossing height, to lead the designated route, and to spot bumps and pot holes. They also play the important duty of warning incoming and overtaking vehicles about the wide load being transported, and in so doing, avoid collision accidents.


Internally, the biggest risk faced by hauled goods is how they have been attached to the trucks they are loaded on. If the attachment is poor, the cargo may fall off the trucks during transit. For this reason, rigging by experienced professionals is vital. Professional rigging is not only needed when fastening cargo onto the trucks, it's also needed when loading or offloading your cargo because this is where accidents are most likely to occur.

Satellite tracking

Thanks to information technology, the use of satellite technology is now prevalent in the heavy haulage industry. This is yet another factor that helps to make your goods safer while in transit. Thanks to this technology, you can track your cargo in a precise manner from the comfort of your home. This not only gives you peace of mind, it also enables the haulage company to quickly mobilise help to the cargo location in case of any accidents.

So if you are planning to seek heavy haulage transport services, asking your potential transport company about these services can help you understand the safety measures in place. This way, you will be in a better position to choose the right company for the job without putting your precious goods at risk.