Hiring A Crane? Don’t Forget To Hire Some Crane Attachments As Well

Hiring a crane for your heavy lifting needs is a great way to approach mining, construction, installation, and other endeavours. However, hiring the crane unit is not all you might need. There are a number of crane attachments available that you can hire as well. These help to improve the functions that your crane can undertake, and in so doing, make your work much easier. Below, learn about some of the popular crane attachments and what they do.


Buckets, as the name suggests, are large scooping containers usually made of steel. These are used to collect materials, mostly sand and earth. With this attachment, your crane can perform tasks similar to those of an excavator. A bucket attachment is ideal for applications such as mining, earthmoving and construction. With the use of this attachment, you can collect materials from the ground and deliver them to another ground location or to elevated areas where they are needed.


This is a hydraulic drill bit. It is used to apply high-frequency impact on hard surfaces. One of the most common uses for diggers is excavation where it's used to help break the bedrock into smaller rocks that can easily be extracted from the ground. The same attachment can be used to demolish concrete surfaces on walls, floors, roads, and even bridges.


A grapple is an attachment that features multiple prongs. When operated, these prongs can come together in a grapple fashion. The grapple attachment is used to collect materials that cannot be scooped up using a bucket, e.g. huge rocks, timber, metal bars, tree trunks, etc.

Loading cages

Loading cages are another handy attachment commonly used together with cranes. Here, a mesh cage is attached to the end of a crane and used to hoist goods to elevated positions. Using this technique, little rigging is needed as the cage provides all the safety needed. Loading cages can also be used to hoist personnel needed to carry out maintenance, repairs, rescue, etc.

Lifting magnets

These are large magnet attachments that are used to lift metallic loads using the crane as opposed to having to use a grapple or rigging equipment. The magnet is turned on to attached items and then turned off to offload attached items. It's a quick and simple method of moving plant and construction materials

So if you are planning to hire a crane, think of hiring these and other attachments that will make your heavy lifting needs simpler, faster and even safer. Most firms that hire out cranes also provide these attachments for an extra surcharge.