5 Signs of a Useful Crane Hire Service

In the construction industry, heavy industrial equipment drives the success of construction projects and the development of new and more effective structures. In fact, construction is driving the Australian economy by resulting in the development of new office spaces, homes and other structures that facilitate economic growth.

Mobile cranes are often used in construction to lift and transport heavy items on- and off-site. Due to the high purchase and maintenance costs of such equipment, it often makes more sense to hire cranes than to purchase one. A crane hire service enables construction companies to have the equipment only when they need it. They can also be sure that they are obtaining high quality and dependable cranes at an affordable cost. 

Here are 5 signs of a dependable and reliable crane hire service.

Critical information and advice regarding the equipment used

Hiring a crane is not as simple as simply picking the machine and using it. A useful crane hire service will realize this challenge and will make the process easier for its customers. The most important step they will take will involve assessing the requirements of your current project and proposing solutions that can make your job easier.

Indeed, crane hire services are turning into project consultants as well. They are able to use their experience and knowledge of the industry to propose the most relevant machines and accessories.


A crane hire service not only recommends the best tools for the job, but they can also significantly reduce your project costs. They can propose methods through which you can utilize their cranes to speed up your work, meet your timelines, and deliver results even in challenging construction environments.

Robust support services

Hiring a crane should be accompanied with technical support and excellent customer service should you encounter any problems. A quality crane hire service is always available to assist its customers when necessary.

A transparent pricing model   

Things should not get messy when it comes to pricing. A useful crane hire service will provide clear and detailed pricing options for your crane hiring needs. They will also provide clear value for your money with virtually no hidden costs.

Range of services offered

A reliable crane hire service will offer services that involve an extensive choice of cranes, professional guidance (regarding proper operation and handling of the equipment), and pickup/delivery services. They will also offer insurance and safety options, as well as important advice regarding handling loads and operating their machinery on site.