Considerations to Guide You on What Excavator to Hire

As long as you have the need for grading, digging and site prep, whether commercially or residentially, then you will need to hire an excavator. Nonetheless, simply needing an excavator does not mean that you should hire the cheapest one you come across! Excavators come in a range of models, and your choice should be dictated by your specific needs, such as the size of the property, the peripheral works that should be carried out and so on. To make the selection process easier for you, here are a few considerations that should guide you on what excavator to hire.

Your primary needs

While excavators can carry out a myriad of tasks, these types of equipment are designed with a primary purpose in mind. Thus, even while you may have several other tasks to accomplish on the site, you need to determine your main purpose for hiring an excavator. For example, if you are looking to install utility hardware (for instance, plumbing), then you should lean toward a model with a reduced tail swing as these machines are capable of navigating tight spaces. Alternatively, if you need to carry out a host of tasks (for instance, land clearing, retaining wall construction and so on), then you should choose a multifunctional excavator.

Your production targets

Another important consideration that is often overlooked by newbies to excavator hire is the immediate production targets of the project. Take, for instance, the excavator bucket. While this is the most commonly employed accessory, it is not merely about ensuring you hire a bucket along with your excavator. Instead, you need to deliberate on what size of excavator and matching bucket you need to meet the production targets that you have set for the site. Additionally, you need to ensure that the bucket and excavator power will be capable of matching the debris that is being excavated. For instance, land clearing and the elimination of boulders from the site will need vastly different amounts of power from your excavator.

The smart capabilities of the excavator

In this digital age, smart capabilities are available in a myriad of equipment. Thus, another consideration that you should keep in mind when thinking of hiring an excavator is the smart efficiencies it is designed with. For example, if you have a construction company, you could choose to hire excavators that are capable of communicating with other machines to make it easier for your fleet managers to monitor all the equipment on the ground remotely. Another smart capability you could get in your excavator is the machine's ability to control fuel economy. Consult with the heavy construction equipment provider on which smart capabilities are offered with the various subscriptions available. 

For more information about excavator hire, contact a heavy construction equipment company near you.