4 Reasons to Invest in Quality Diamond Blades for Drilling

Did you know that diamond contains 99.5% carbon? The chemical composition of the diamond, and how carbon atoms are arranged makes it the hardest material is known to man. It is for this reason that fabricators use it to make a variety of mechanical and industrial drills. Diamond is also used in the creation of industrial blades, saws and other hard-wearing equipment. The drill bits are used in oil wells while the saw blades are used for cutting through slabs of marble or granite. Here are four reasons to invest in diamond blades for all your drilling jobs.

1. Coefficient Of Friction

Polished steel is known for having the lowest friction coefficient. However, diamond also has a relatively low friction coefficient. When a metal has a low coefficient of friction, you do not have to apply a lot of force to cut through the other material, especially if the other material has a high friction coefficient. This low friction coefficient is why diamond cuts through stone so easily.

2. The Hardest Known Material

One of the reasons why contractors take their time when looking for drilling materials is the rate at which they break and wear. Diamond is the hardest known material to humankind. It means that it makes drill bits that can cut through anything and for any length of time without wearing out. If you need durable blades whose efficiency does not reduce with time, diamond is your best bet.

3. Resistance to Chemical Corrosion

Drilling processes often expose the tools used to different chemicals in the environment. If the drill bits are made from materials which corrode easily, you will have to replace them a lot. Diamond has a very high resistance to chemical corrosion and can be used to drill different environments without getting ruined.

4. Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient

The coefficient refers to the rate at which a material expands when exposed to heat. Diamond has a low thermal expansion coefficient, which means that when used in drill bits and blades, it does not expand excessively as a result of the high temperatures caused by friction. It helps maintain the accuracy in diameters of the parts drilled.

Now you know why diamond is the ideal material to use in the creation of drill bits, blades and other parts. Get your core drilling equipment from professionals to improve the chances of it being tough, efficient and durable.