Which Type of Dog Trailer Do You Need?

When you want to transport anything, whether that is heavy machinery, perishable goods, or construction materials you must ensure that you have the best truck trailer for the job. Choosing the wrong trailer could mean the difference between completing a successful job and a making big financial loss.

What will you be hauling?

The nature of the load must impact on the types of trailer that you will need to use. Dog trailers come in a variety of configurations, and other types of trailer are also available. You could look at box trailers, high sided trailers, flatbeds, and refrigerated trailers, to name just a few possibilities. Not all of these will be suitable for all your loads, so if you are considering making a trailer purchase specifically for one job then it's important to make sure that your new trailer will get sufficient use in the future to make the investment worthwhile.

How much protection do you need?

A covered box trailer will help to protect your cargo from the elements, and a refrigerated truck will ensure that any perishable items are kept in a temperature-controlled environment, but not everything you carry will need the same level of protection. In many cases an open trailer will help you to make better use of the available space and safely fit more into each load, reducing your overall costs.

Where are you travelling?

Trucks and trailers are built to a variety of specifications. To complete your journey safely it's important that your vehicle is able to safely traverse every road you will be using and that you are able to comply with all regulations that may be in force for any part of the journey. Before committing to using your dog trailers for a particular job you will need to take time to ensure that you are aware of the regulations and that they are fully compliant.

What facilities will you need?

When you are planning a truck journey you must consider not just the journey itself but also what happens at both ends of the trip. Delays in loading and unloading dog trailers can add significantly to the time and the overall cost of the journey cutting unto your profit margins. Before committing to using a particular type of trailer find out what docking or unloading facilities will be available at either end of the journey and plan appropriately. A trailer that opens at the side might increase the loading speed but only if it is possible to access the trailer from the side at both ends of the journey.

By careful planning and remembering to ask the right questions you can match any load with the perfect type of trailer and avoid any unpleasant surprises while transporting the load.