What Is Dewatering?

Dewatering is the process of extracting groundwater and rainwater from the surface or from underground. The procedure is only applicable to construction sites and some mining sites. During the process, contractors use dewatering pumps to remove water trapped from the ground. Removing the water reduces the safety hazards that could interfere with the standard construction operations on the site. 

The dewatering process also helps to examine the type of soil underneath to find out if it is strong enough to sustain the building. The dewatering process is quite complicated, meaning only experts should carry it out. They should have the right dewatering pipes, wear protective clothing and be compliant with the dewatering rules.

Dewatering methods

There are different types of dewatering. Before the process begins, the dewatering experts will examine the site, survey it and then determine the best method they will use. The main dewatering methods include sump pumping, educator wells and well points.

A successful dewatering process requires the right dewatering pumps that can suck all the water from the ground. There are many dewatering pumps in the market, which include submersible pumps, well pointing piston pumps, diaphragms and portable pumps. Some models use electric motors, while others use diesel fuels.

The right pump for your project heavily depends on the depth of the underground water, the surrounding environment and the type of soil in the fields. The pump you use also depends on how far you would like to pump the water.

Tips for a successful dewatering process

Observe the following dewatering tips and safety precautions for excellent results:

Get the necessary licences and certification from the municipal and other local authorities.

Use the right dewatering pumps and dewatering methods. The choice of pumps and extraction methods should depend on the type of underlying soil.

Do not conduct the dewatering process during seasons of heavy rain since the infiltration process will be lower.

Filter the water that you remove from the ground. You should not discharge water that contains chemicals or grease.

Do not pump the water into the slopes directly.

Work with a local dewatering services company. The company you choose should have the requisite experience, should be insured and should possess the right dewatering pumps and other equipment.

If you are planning to start a construction project, dewatering would be an essential consideration. It will remove the open water from the ground and allow you to create a strong foundation for your building. Dewatering will also create a conducive working environment for your workers.