Excavator Hire Tips

Excavators are a critical component of your home improvement or construction project. Excavator hire is a sure way to cut project costs since you do not have to buy the equipment. If you intend to hire an excavator, read the article below for some excavator hiring tips. 

Determine An Appropriate Model

Most people do not pay attention to the excavator model. However, it is an important consideration since each model performs differently. As such, conduct some research to identify which excavator models can perform optimally at your site. Examine the fuel consumption, running hours, weight limits and safety features of the various models.

Choose An Appropriate Excavator

There are different types of excavators. As such, you should check the work specifications to establish the excavator that suits your needs. For example, when working in muddy terrain, you could opt for an excavator with tracks. On the other hand, a long-reach excavator would be helpful when working in constricted spaces or digging deep holes. Small-sized excavators such as skid steer loaders can be used indoors or in tight spaces. A significant benefit of excavators is that you can fix attachments such as hammers, grapples, rakes and couplers. As such, you should assess the need for additional attachments as you hire the equipment. 

Assess The Terms Of Hire

Look out for the following when hiring the excavator: 

  • How long can you keep the excavator? Many companies will have flexible terms; thus, you can extend or cancel the contract without incurring penalties.
  • Is the excavator insured? As a rule of thumb, you should not hire an uninsured excavator.
  • Does the company provide skilled professionals to operate and maintain the equipment?
  • You should also check the definition of the hiring period. For example, it could start once the equipment leaves the company's premises or arrives at your site. 

Negotiate The Pricing

Ask the company for a detailed quote. There are two ways to negotiate the company's quote. First, you could ask for a discount. Most companies will give a price cut to serious and long-term customers. Second, you could negotiate the terms of hire to reduce the rental costs. For example, you could ask the company not to charge when the equipment is idle. 

Observe Safety When Using The Equipment

Safe excavator use will prevent accidents at the site. Assess the site to identify risks such as unstable soils, utility holes, trenches, low-lying electrical cables and underground gas lines. Besides, inform your employees of the excavator's blind spots. 

When hiring an excavator, choose an appropriate model, determine a suitable model, check the terms of hire, negotiate the pricing and observe safety. Contact an excavator hire company to learn more.