Need Dewatering Pumps? Tips For Using Them Effectively

If you need to start using dewatering pumps, now's the time to plan for safety. Your mining operations use a lot of water. But, water left in pits and wells can cause serious problems for your mining operations. That's where dewatering pumps come into the picture. Dewatering pumps help you avoid issues with flooding. But, you do need to take steps to avoid issues. If you're not sure how to plan for your dewatering pumps, read the list provided below. You'll find four tips to help you with your pumps. 

Follow Codes and Regulations

When it comes to dewatering mining sites, you need to follow codes and regulations. This is especially true with regard to permits. Depending on the size of the operation, you may need to get permits for your dewatering project. Failing to do that could put you at risk for penalties and fines. Ready to start using your dewatering pumps? Be sure to check with your state and federal governments. They can let you know what permits are needed for your operations. 

Avoid Issues With Soil Erosion

If you're going to be using dewatering pumps, you'll need to watch for soil erosion. When dewatering your mining sites, avoid areas that have hilly terrain. It's also important that you inspect the area for signs of erosion each time you use your dewatering pumps. Finally, avoid using your dewatering pumps during heavy rains. These steps can help you avoid issues with erosion. 

Watch for Water Contamination

If you're going to use dewatering pumps, watch the type of water that's getting processed. When you pump contaminated water, you risk contaminating the groundwater. That's why you should never pump water that's contaminated with caustic chemicals, oil, or grease. If the water in your drain pits does contain contaminated materials, be sure to direct water flow away from groundwater supplies. 

Know Your Water Volume Levels

When it comes to using dewatering pumps, it's important that you know your water levels. Small drainage operations can use sump pumps. But, sump pumps can't process large volumes of water. Unfortunately, using the wrong dewatering pumps can increase your risk of flooding. It can also increase the risk of pump malfunctions. If you're not sure what type of pump you need, talk to your pump supplier. They can help you choose the right dewatering pump for your mining operations. 

Don't take chances with your mining operations. Use the tips provided here to use your dewatering pumps effectively.