Why You Should Keep Air Out of Hydraulic Systems

Some owners of heavy hydraulic construction equipment may wonder why they keep incurring high costs to repair hydraulic components, such as cylinders and seals. This article discusses how entrained air may be the cause of the frequent equipment failures. Reduction of Viscosity Many manufacturers of hydraulic equipment specify the viscosity of the fluid that should be used in the hydraulic equipment. That recommended viscosity is usually determined after extensive research to find out what kind of fluid will be able to perform reliably in the different applications, such as excavating, to which the equipment will be put to use. Read More 

Equipment You Need to Hire When Laying Clean Fill in Your Construction Site

Some of the activities that take place in your construction site involve a lot of excavation. You need to carry it out when digging the foundation, building underground water reservoirs, and septic tanks. After the excavation and construction have taken place, it is common to find pits resulting from imperfect filling of the places where the excavation occurred. In addition, soil erosion caused by rain and the wind also enlarges the pits. Read More