Important Questions to Ask When Arranging Transport Services for a Crane or Oversized Load

When moving a crane or other heavy-duty equipment, or hauling a home or similar oversized load, it's good to hire a company that specializes in this type of transport service. This will ensure they have the vehicles and rigging needed and are experienced with how to keep your load safe. Even when hiring an experienced transport service company, you still want to ensure you ask the right questions and know what's involved in their hire. Read More 

How to Boost Operational Safety Levels When Using Earthmoving Equipment

Earthmoving equipment such as caterpillars, excavators, and bulldozers help to make heavy construction jobs like digging trenches and moving the earth rather easy to do. However, these heavy construction equipment are also quite dangerous to operate. Besides ensuring that only people with expert hands are allowed to operate your earthmovers, here are a few additional guidelines to help you enhance the safety of your earthmoving operations. Don't compromise the quality of maintenance service required for the equipment Read More 

How to Keep Your Diamond Drill Rod Cool

Lubrication helps to prolong the useful life of a diamond drill bit by reducing wear induced by excessive heat as drilling is taking place. This article discusses different methods you can use to keep the drill rod cool as you use it. Use this information to avoid wearing out your diamond drill rod much sooner than designed by its manufacturer. Use a Hose You can get a small water hose and put it on the edge of the hole when you are drilling. Read More